The college library is located in the first floor of the main block, occupying 6000 sq feet of area, Marrying aesthetics with utility, the modern Library houses more than 17,000 books and subscriptions to over 100 national and international journals and consists of a large collection of books pertaining to Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and topics of general interest.

 The collection is continuously increasing to cater the needs of teachers and students and to include new and latest titles. The reading section in the library is well furnished and welllighted and ventilated, kept open for teachers and students even after normal working hours of the institution. Various technical journals in every field of engineering and architecture are subscribed for the benefit of the staff and students to enable them to keep themselves well informed of the latest know how. The Library also subscribes to more than 05 E-Journals – IEL. It’s a member of DELNET. The Library comes with provision for modern facilities including Library Automation, Stock Section, Reference Section, Issue Section with advanced computers and other peripherals. It also provides leading newspapers, magazines and periodicals in almost all Indian languages for the benefit of staff and students to improve their general knowledge in their leisure hours.